List of FREE events.

The list below outlines many of the free events and programs hosted by our member organizations. 

Nonprofit Co-location and Opportunities for Community Development Financial Institutions

A nonprofit co-located facility (nonprofit center) is a physical space, generally a building or a campus,
where mission-driven organizations intentionally share spaces and resources for mutual benefit.

How nonprofits owning their own space can help communities in Ontario thrive

By owning their own spaces, nonprofits can combat gentrification, prevent community displacement, and utilize space in a meaningful way that can help communities in Ontario to thrive.

Nonprofit Centers: Hubs for Connection and Collaboration

Nonprofit centers can be a platform for trust building and can move their community members along what the Nonprofit Centers Network calls a continuum of collaboration that moves from networking to coordination to deeper levels of collaboration and shared risk taking.

What is Coventry PEACE Campus?

When the school district sought to divest itself from the former Coventry Elementary School building in 2017, leaving its future uncertain, the leaders of all the tenant organizations and a broad base of community supporters came together in a grassroots movement to propose ways to preserve and grow the thriving arts, culture and education hub that had organically taken root there. From this effort, the Coventry PEACE Campus came into being. The Coventry P.E.A.C.E. building currently houses a dozen local and regional nonprofits. It is our goal to provide an accessible, sustainable, more efficient, and affordable home for these nonprofits, and to attract new organizations to the building.