Downloadable PDFs.

Arts & Economic Prosperity 6 (Cuyahoga County): The Economic & Social Impact Study of Nonprofit Arts & Culture Organizations & Their Audiences in Cuyahoga County published jointly by Assembly for the Arts and Americans for the Arts. 

Creative Placemaking: A White Paper for The Mayors’ Institute on City Design, a leadership initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the United States Conference of Mayors and American Architectural Foundation.

Millennials Look to the Suburbs, Not Cities, for First Homes. The only problem is that no one is building a product that they want. (

How the Arts and Culture Sector Catalyzes Economic Vitality: A report from the American Planning Association.

Putting Artists on the Map. CPAC worked with Cleveland State University to develop four statistically-based methods to help communities understand what amenities may be driving arts and culture to them or away from them.

Arts & the Economy. Using Arts and Culture to Stimulate Economic Development. A report from the National Governor’s Association (NGA).

Placemaking and the Future of Cities. A project done in partnership between Project for Public Spaces and U.N. Habitat.

Mobilizing Arts and Cultural Resources for Community Development. Partners for Livable Communities (Partners) is a nonprofit leadership organization working to improve the livability of communities by promoting quality of life, economic development and social equity.

Community Based Arts Organizations. A New Center for Gravity. Developed for and supported by the Exemplar Program, a program of Americans for the Arts, in collaboration with the LarsonAllen LLC, and funded by The Ford Foundation.

Business Contributions to the Arts.  A report by the Conference Board and Americans for the Arts.

The Art of Creative Placemaking: An Artspace Report. Artspace’s mission is to create, foster, and preserve affordable space for artists and arts organizations.

Arts and Culture Are Closer Than You Realize: U.S. Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Organizations Are a Big Part of Community Life, Economy, and Employment —and Federal Funding Enhances the Impact. Elimination of federal support is not about the money, which only comes to 45 cents per capita for the NEA or .003 percent of the federal budget. The decimation of federal support is the coup de grâce of a long campaign carefully crafted to mislead the public into believing that the arts are irrelevant to most Americans.

Great Places! in Cleveland and its Neighborhoods. A report by Robert Brown.

Online Articles.

Place Attachment as a Tool for Shaping Change.



Pocket Neighborhoods.

Better Cities.

Smart Growth.

Habitat Reimagined.

Governance Alive.

Build a Better Burb.

Place Makers.