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If you have ever had some connection to any of our member organizations or events, we really need you to inform the leadership at the CH-UH Library and City Hall that you are concerned about our welfare. They have heard directly from those of us who work for these organizations or serve on their boards over and over again, but you are the ones they simply cannot ignore. And be sure to add your name to our own list of supporters.

When the Library (building owner) holds their Public Meeting (date not yet known) to gather feedback on how the community would like to see the building used, please show up for us. Bring your children, your neighbors, your friends – anyone, from anywhere that upholds the belief that the cost of losing this non-profit hub is immeasurable. Let the leadership know that you believe it is critical to preserve an arts, culture and education nonprofit hub. In the meantime, attending their Committee Meetings and Board Meetings are other ways in which you can help.

Attend Cleveland Heights City Council meetings and let them know you believe in our mission of creating a permanent home for the nonprofits of Coventry PEACE Campus. Encourage City Council and the Mayor need to step up and help in whatever way they can and put their full weight behind supporting a path forward that works for all involved – inaction is unacceptable. We have been invited to speak at their next meeting before they break for the summer (6/3 @7:30 pm at City Hall) and we invite you to join us.

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We are in the process of forming 2-3 new volunteer committees and looking for people with skill sets in creative placemaking, economic development, commercial real estate, capital campaigns, and PR/communications. If you are intersted in learning more and volunteering for one of thse groups, please click on the button below to email us.

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More information…

On Friday (05/17/24) we happened to review the agenda for the upcoming Library board meeting and to our shock we saw that there were several items listed that proposed new votes regarding our leases and our building. None of the existing tenants received any direct communication from the Library to inform them that these issues had arisen – we were completely blindsided and would not have known about any of this until after-the-fact if we had not reviewed the agenda. Due to minor technicalities and misunderstandings (and in one case what might actually be misinformation), Heights Library appears to have decided that they will not allow us to exercise our 18 month term options in our current leases and instead will be putting us on a 6 month lease which will then convert to month-to-month leases beginning in January. This puts in jeopardy all the grants that all our organizations have recently received or are in the process of applying for, including the ARPA funds some of our organizations have dedicated dozens (if not hundreds) of hours to securing. Funds which the City is under pressure to disperse by an approaching deadline and throws more chaos into what has already been a chaotic process. 

In addition to not honoring the 18 month lease extensions, the other matters that concern us are… 

  • The fact that they seemed poised to conduct yet another study regarding the “future” of the building, after having paid for an expensive study just 2 years ago. 
  • The extensive attorney fees they have paid this year ($72,000+), which will only increase with the writing of new 6 month leases and month-to-month leases
  • The high fees ($6,500) they paid to a leasing agent that only secured 2 new tenants that occupy less than 1,500 sf (one of which who has not even moved in yet). 
  • The fact that they have had to pay their building management company many thousands of dollars above and beyond their yearly management fee of over $35,000, and a vague fee called “Communications” of nearly $10,000.


At a minimum, this appears to mean there is $123,500 in fees to outside companies that have accrued and where there is significant room to decrease to bring the operating budget down and place the building in the black. We will dig into all these numbers more deeply if we need to but our hope is that, with your attending this upcoming meeting and your writing of letters, their board will decide to VOTE NO on their agenda items and instead move forward with the simpler solution which is to grant us the 18 month options as outlined in the lease we are currently operating under. 

We were unable to locate a copy of their agenda on their website, so we have made it available for download ourselves.

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What is Coventry PEACE Campus?

When the school district sought to divest itself from the former Coventry Elementary School building in 2017, leaving its future uncertain, the leaders of all the tenant organizations and a broad base of community supporters came together in a grassroots movement to propose ways to preserve and grow the thriving culture and service ecosystem that had organically taken root there. From this effort, the Coventry PEACE Campus came into being. Coventry P.E.A.C.E., Inc. is the non-profit overseeing the maintenance, sustainability, renovation and development of the Coventry PEACE Building, which houses several local nonprofits. It is our goal to provide an accessible, sustainable, more efficient, and affordable home for these nonprofits, and to attract new organizations to the building.