M2 Bio Page

Michael Mikel 

aka “Danger Ranger” and “M2

Burning Man cofounder and pioneer Michael Mikel has been with the global organization since the beginning. Michael is both an historian and a futurist and is an Ambassador and speaker for Burning Man. M2has a strong interest in technology and social communities. He serves Burning Man as Director of Advanced Social Systems and serves on its Board of Directors. 

He was instrumental in bringing Burning Man to the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, and is responsible for a number of Burning Man ‘firsts.’ In 1991 his concept car, the “5:04 PM” was the first art car at Burning Man. In 1992 he edited the first on-site newspaper, and also founded the Black Rock Rangers, Burning Man’s unique safety and security organization. In 1995, he developed the logo design which has become the symbol of the Burning Man community. In 2001 he visited regional groups across America as an ambassador for Burning Man. In 2008 he managed the development of Burning Man’s presence in virtual worlds.

Prior to Burning Man, Michael was involved with numerous social, countercultural and technological institutions. Michael began his career in the 1970s working on precursors of the personal computer in nascent Silicon Valley. In the early 80s, he was an advisor on intelligent freeway systems in Los Angeles, and developed the first robotic assembly line for Apple Computer. As a content contributor and social catalyst, his work influenced the founders of many media and technology startups. Within the Burning Man community, he is best known by his playa persona “Danger Ranger”.