For over 100 years, the corner of Coventry Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard in Cleveland Heights has served as a diverse educational and gathering spot for our community. We are launching a “$100,000 for 100 years” fundraising campaign to support the Coventry Peace Campus Project to build on this tradition and provide stability for this corner for another 100 years.


[T]he integration of the Library and the arts campus and the business district is unique, exciting and visionary. I think we need to all work really hard to morally and financially support the vision because . . . it’s really what Cleveland Heights is all about.

Suzanne DeGaetano

Owner, Mac’s Backs Books in Coventry Village

In 2020, CPC reached an agreement with Heights Libraries that will lead to a 99-year ground lease of the former Coventry school building, current home to several Heights-based nonprofit organizations. This long-term lease will enable CPC to have full control over operations and improvements to the building to better serve its tenant organizations and the greater community.

Rent from tenant organizations covers the cost of utilities and minor maintenance. Your contribution will enable CPC to make additional improvements to the building to enhance the safety, comfort and efficiency for current tenants and the community members they serve, as well as attract additional nonprofit arts and culture organizations to strengthen the center and better serve the community.

This is an exciting project that is gaining momentum. Heights Libraries has embarked upon a revitalization of the adjacent Coventry PEACE Park. In the past year, we have welcomed three new tenants to the building — Building Bridges Arts Collaborative, Singers’ Club of Cleveland, and Grace Communion Cleveland — and are actively seeking additional organizations that will enhance the arts and cultural offerings available here. We also look forward to welcoming additional board members from the community to add new ideas and expertise to the project.


Help us establish Coventry PEACE Campus as the first arts and education center in Cleveland Heights, a city which is known as “Home to the Arts.” Please consider giving today by mailing a check with the form on the following page, or donating online.

Coventry PEACE, Inc. (CPC) is an independent, nonprofit, 501 (c)3 organization whose mission is to create a vibrant arts and culture center in Cleveland Heights by providing community-serving nonprofits with affordable office and programming space and enabling collaborations that benefit the community. Current tenants of CPC are ARTFUL, Lake Erie Ink, FutureHeights, Reaching Heights, Cleveland Heights Teachers Union, Building Bridges Arts Collaborative, Cleveland Arts Prize-winning artist Robin VanLear, Singers’ Club of Cleveland, and Grace Communion Cleveland. Coventry PEACE, Inc. was founded by community residents in the 1990s to build and maintain the PEACE Playground, and in 2017 its mission was refocused to the Coventry P.E.A.C.E. Campus building in order to pursue the vision of an integrated campus where everyone can “create, show, learn and grow.” 

Thousands of people benefit annually from the programs and services that the Coventry tenants provide. Having them clustered in one building which is so close to the Library creates a vibrant extended campus that intensifies a sense of community.

Jennifer Wintner

Cleveland Heights resident

Mail a Donation.

Please make checks payable to Coventry PEACE, Inc. and mail to:

Coventry PEACE, Inc.
c/o Krista Hawthorne
2843 Washington Blvd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


Your generosity is greatly appreciated and we extend to you our deepest gratitude.

The [Coventry Peace] Campus is on its way to becoming a jewel of Cleveland Heights . . .  I think that anchoring the Library and Coventry Village with a vibrant arts and community center has a profound positive effect on Cleveland Heights overall.

Catharine Butler

Cleveland Heights resident and artist

Our governments and institutions aren’t able to step up right now, so it is up to organizations with good hearts and vision to do what they can.

Brady Dindia

Secretary of Coventry PEACE, Inc.

The arts organizations act as a magnet for community involvement and they enhance our living experience and act to attract and retain residents in Cleveland Heights.

Richard Ferris

Cleveland Heights resident & Commercial Real Estate developer

For the past 55 years, from homes on Overlook and Edgehill and Berkshire Roads, we have circled the vibrant corner of Coventry Road and Euclid Heights Boulevard.  We have benefitted from shows at Ensemble Theatre, Shakespeare in the Park, and books introduced by authors.  Our three children attended the former elementary school and our grandchildren have enjoyed their easy first sledding hill and climbing the “castle” on the playground.  So we have supported the Coventry Peace Park and the organizations in the former elementary school now called the Coventry PEACE Campus with our time, “sweat equity”, and money. We invite you to do the same to help sustain this community arts and education center so we can all continue to enjoy the opportunities this special corner of Cleveland Heights offers!

Tom & Marilyn McLaughlin

Cleveland Heights residents